Why we need to ditch DRM

The anticopying technology, despite being ineffective and potentially dangerous, is covered by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This makes breaking it—even for good reasons—illegal.
send money

How to send money securely

It seems like every day there are more and more options for sending and receiving money online. Here’s six tips for staying safe for handling money on your computer and phone.
Pokemon Go

The myriad risks of Pokemon Go

Are you trading your privacy and physical safety to play the wildly popular new smartphone game? Who else might be at risk? Here’s a rundown of things to beware of before (and after) downloading it.
phishing scams

How to avoid phishing scams

With the credentials you enter in response, phishers generally hope to access (and wreak havoc) on your financial accounts. Here’s what to look for—and how to deal, if you fall victim.
block mobile ads

How to block mobile ads

Advertisements on your phone do more than just tax your battery and make it hard to see your already small screen. They’re also used to deliver malicious software. Here’s how to block them.